Kauai Island Ministries
Kaua`i Island Ministries - Since early 1999, KIM has been at work equipping followers of Jesus to change the world from the inside out. Starting with individual men, women, and youth, KIM engineers training opportunities for them to identify and develop their gifts in order to renew the local church and give Glory to Jesus Christ in the world.

Creativity, Excellence, And Ohana - These are KIMs hallmarks. We believe that while the message of Christ is the same, we need fresh means of communicating it in an increasingly noisy world. Primary vehicles are KIMs conferences, seminars, retreats, and prison ministry.

Kaua`i Island Ministries - is an interdenominational ministry, networking diverse Christian churches, organizations and people within multi-cultural communities, and pulling together the Body of Christ under His Lordship across the island.

Equipping the saints to do the work of ministry 
Networking the local churches to proclaim Jesus Christ 
Fulfilling the Great Commission on Kaua`i!